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Topic 1: Simple Carbohydrates (carbs)


This educational tool is intended to help people with diabetes and healthcare professionals. The first part of this tool is used to help people understand the relationship between insulin timing and blood glucose levels through interactive visualizations. It was created by three teams of students under mentorship by Dr. Lars Mueller and Heidi Rataj as a project in the Diabetes Design Initiative

Stephanie Kim, Allison Patacsil, Stefanie Mendoza, and Vidya Raghvendra created the first version that can be found here. The focus was insulin timing.

The second half of this tool was created to help people understand how meals affect glucose levels through interactive visualizations. It was created by Stefanie Mendoza, Nick Lin, Tiffany Chokry, and Anika Sharma.

This current version was designed by (Ali) Yingxi Long, Ed Angara, Jhea Espares and Meghan Yiu. The design was implemented by Lars Mueller.

We would like to thank our mentors, Gayle Lorenzi (RN, CDCES), Arizona Milotich, Lars Mueller, Heidi Rataj, along with healthcare providers, Andrea Stallings (PA) and Laura Barba (NP, CDE), for your support and guidance.


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