Fall Presentations: Designing For Empathy

Lars Müller
November 18, 2021
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This week, DDI at UCSD Design Lab’s Center for Health presented the results from the fall quarter  “Community Challenges” to stakeholders from the diabetes community, industry leaders, design experts, diabetes educators and healthcare providers.

Three teams presented prototypes to “design for empathy” through education, connecting mentor and mentees and by providing means to communicate the emotional side of daily diabetes management.

The education team worked directly with the head of DDI, Dr. Lars Mueller and mentor Gayle Lorenzi, RN, CDE to develop an interactive tool to help people with diabetes understand the relationship between meals and blood glucose. This tool build on the InsuLearn prototype from last quarter and showed how we can build an interactive online book for diabetes chapter by chapter. The audience was excited by the possibilities.

This is awesome. Dreaming of seeing this for a long time.
Sara Krugman, Prinicipal & Founder Healthmade Design
Manny Hernandez, Vice President People and Culture Design at Tideppol

The diabuddy team started their project by conducting a workshop to ask members of the Loop and Learn community what problem they should tackle. They learned that the social support in the community is invaluable but it is hard to find a diabuddy. After talking to experts like Bill Polonsky they decided to focus an adolescents who are about to leave home.

social and peer to peer support, love this
Benjamin West, Founder of T1Pal

This is so awesome!
Patricia Scalzo, Director of Diabetes Technology Initiatives at Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists

The T1Pal team worked directly with founder Ben West of T1Pal to explore data sharing beyond glucose data. In an engaging presentation they emphasized they need to share emotions to connect. Diabetes is more than numbers and while sharing numbers has become easier the experience behind the umber is still difficult to share.

I'm often asked for real world examples, it doesn't get more real world than this
Molly McElwee Malloy, Manager of Clinical Outcome at Tandem Diabetes

The Diabetes Design Initiative is supported by industry partners. We are excited to work with new partners and collaborators for the 2021 challenges. To learn how you can partner with DDI, please email ddi@ucsd.edu.