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Designing to Empower the User

“With an extraordinary level of compassion and insight, the students were able to understand the service-related issues patients face and provide relevant, useful prototypes.”
Nolan Rey, Process Owner Global Technical Support - Dexcom


Students designed and developed effective healthcare technology by working on a real-world problem with an industry partner.

A 10 person delegation from Dexcom, including the Director of User Experience Design, the Director of Customer Experience and the Senior Product Manager visited the Design lab to review five prototype solutions that were developed and tested by student groups.

Each group, 21 students in total, worked for seven weeks under Dexcom team’s mentorship. Inspired by a human-centered design process, our students used Dexcom’s customer support reports to generate design solutions. 

Feedback and discussion with Dexcom were overwhelmingly positive. 

In this rapid design sprint, teams interviewed people with Type 1 Diabetes as well as various experts from Dexcom to create and test new prototype solutions that will empower patients to independently troubleshoot common issues with CGM. Prototype solutions will be considered in Dexcom’s upcoming product planning.


Algorithm Transparency: How can we help users to build a correct mental model of an algorithm? - Gabriel Betancourt, Sasri Dedigama, Raveen Johal and Jasmine Tu

Self-Service Concepts: How can we empower users to resolve routine problems on their own? - Mengming Luo, Anmol Arora and Isabel Zendejas

Communicating Uncertainty: How can we bridge the gap between predictability and probability? - Edwin Fu, Kamran Jahadi, Adam Gomez, Aung Yang and Yiwen Hou

Peeking Under the Hood: How can we visualize the history and status of a complex system in a simple yet insightful manner? - Allison Patacsil, Steven Lou, Henry Chen, Andrew Lin and Peter Xu

Coachable Moments: How can we create moments to scaffold the transition from novice to expert? - Michelle Duong, Stephanie Kim and Stacy Kim